CFTI is offering  0% Interest on Zero Down Payment

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An outstanding film institution welcomes everyone with enthusiasm and persistence to join in. The Canadian Film and Television Institute will open a pathway for those who have a dream to pursue in the film industry.

If you have a financial problem but you are very interested in start a film professional career, there is a zero down payment student loan (0% Interest) to assist you!
The first month of studying at CFTI is free and there will be a minimum monthly payment of $800 CAD in the second month you enrolled to our programs.

Application for zero down payment loan steps:

1 Evaluate your financial background
Zero interest student loan is an option specially designed for those who is willing to pursue their dream of starting a film professional career yet is unable to pay the full amount of their tuition in advance. Applicants have to submit their/parents’ income tax forms and other financial statements to verify the applicants financial background if they want to apply for zero interest student loan.

2. Providing a proof of asset evaluation
Applicants have to provide a proof of asset evaluation to ensure they are finically disabled. Applicants have to pay $5,000 deposit in advance if they do not have any proof.

3. Approval of no interest student loan
Once student loan is issued to the lender, he/she has to pay a minimum of $800 CAD per month according his/her financial situation.

4. Signing a legal agreement
The final step of applying for a student loan: Lender has to sign a legal student loan agreement according to lender’s financial statement, proof of assets evaluation, and payment plan, etc.

5. Paying off student loans within two years after graduation
Graduates need to pay off all loans and related payments within two years after graduation. If lender delays or refuses to pay according to his/her student loan payment plan, the institute is entitled to collect overdue amounts through legal proceedings in accordance with the student loan agreement and student will be terminated his/her study at CFTI if he/she does not pay according to the plan. A student Loan scheme will be reported and archived to an executive department.
Why do you choose the Canadian Film and Television Institute (CFTI)?

  •  All of our programs are registered by PCTIA.
  • CFTI is the first post-secondary institute offering bilingual teaching approaches.
  • CFTI is one of the film institutes qualified to offer real film shooting practice to graduates.
  • International students enrolled in CFTI are eligible to apply work permit so they are able to apply part-time job during their studies.
  • CFTI has top-quality faculties and innovative and experienced instructors from New York University, Beijing Film Academy, and Hollywood.

Please contact us if you know additional information about our student loan plan. We are happy to help prospective students pursue their dreams.

Tel: 604-370-0488

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Address: 150-13151 Vanier Place Richmond  BC  CANADA V6V 2J1


The Bilingual programs provide local students with the opportunity to master Chinese language and acting skills at the same time. The advantage of being fluent in both Chinese and English allows filmmakers to commence their careers in both North American but also Chinese film industry.

The Chinese film industry has grown exponentially in the past ten years. Many job positions such as actors, photographers and other film related jobs have been created. This has opened a door for western students an opportunity to commence their career and get a suitable film professional position in Asia. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity cannot be missed.
Registration for all of our programs are open to international applicants.  Register now!

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