Student Achievement

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After multiple auditions and callbacks, my student, Liyuan Fan, finally scored her first big time role as second leading actress. After hearing this news, I could not have been more happy and proud of her. Doudou (Liyuan) was one of our most outstanding students in the 2012 Bilingual (Chinese/English) Acting for Film and TV class. She scored this audition all on her own, with six fabulous audition scenes. She did not sweet talk the director or present him with any gifts what so ever. The entire school is very proud of her, and I am proud to have been her teacher. And Doudou, who has graduated, but is always with our school in spirit, proudly announced to the director that she is a graduate from the Canadian Film and Television Institute, one of Xiaomin Zhang’s students. Words cannot describe the joy I feel at this moment. I love my students, and in return, they love me like a mother. As soon as the press conference for the film is released in September, I will announce further details.
Our past students, Liyuan Fan, Jack Ren, and Miss Chinese Vancouver, Lori Chuang, have all parted their ways, searching for their own future, they are always with our school in spirit. None of them have ever forgotten about the school or their teachers. As they insist, “A day as our teacher, is a life as our mother!” I am very thankful to the parents who trust me with their children. I am so happy that I am able to build a school, and teach a group of students who are so devoted and dedicated to the school. Let’s all look forward to seeing these students succeed in the future!
Our institution may not be the most famous film school, but we believe that we can, and that we will become one of the world’s most outstanding film schools. To education our students is more important than success, we treat every students as our own!
This is the first time I felt the happiness for my contributions. Their success validates our efforts. You cannot understand the difficult process we went through to change a student who did not understand anything film related to the success actress she is now. Even her own mother couldn’t recognized her when she went back to China after one year. This is the best part about being a teacher, seeing your students succeed and looking their parents’ pride for their children. When people ask me how, all I can say is: Dedication!