Registration for our Bilingual (CHIN/ENG) Acting for Film & TV program is now open!

The Chinese film industry has grown exponentially in the past ten years. The big number of productions every year has created a high demand for professionals in all areas of a film production: actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, and the whole array of crew position. This has created a new opportunity for well trained western students to start and/or develop their career and get a suitable film professional position in Asia.

CFTI has developed partnerships with producers and production companies in both China and North America who are interested in recruiting trained professionals who graduate from our school,however we do not guarantee any job or placement at the end of any of our programs.

Bilingual (CHIN/ENG) Acting for Film & TV (Full-Time) program provides local students with the opportunity to develop Chinese language and acting skills at the same time. The advantage of being fluent in both Chinese and English provides actors with opportunities to build their careers on 2 continents: North American and Asia.

This program is a comprehensive program specifically designed for students who are interested in ACTING and are determined to acquire the fundamental knowledge and develop their skills/abilities necessary to building a professional career as an actor.

The core course of this program is Drama; specialization courses include: Running Lines, Auditioning, Film Theory, Character Study, Body Movement, Voice Training, Music Training and Physical Training.

Students who have completed our Acting for Film and TV Module II – Advanced Level, will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by being part of CFTI feature film projects as decided by CFTI,however CFTI do not guarantee any job placements at the end of any of its programs.

Graduates will also be presented with opportunities to audition for professional productions in film and television.

Bilingual (CHIN/ENG) Acting for Film & TV (Full-Time) is divided in 2 modules:

  1. FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL (1 year) – Advanced Level not mandatory.
  2. ADVANCED LEVEL** (1 year) – Only Fundamental Level graduates accepted.


  1. Completion of fundamental level: Fundamental Diploma.
  2. Completion of advanced level: Advanced Diploma.

SCHEDULE: Full-Time (20+ hrs/week)

DURATION: 41 weeks (1148 hrs)






  • CFTI offers this course every year, starting in September. Applications will be considered every January, April, June, and September.
  • Classes will be held either from Wednesday to Sunday or scheduled by CFTI.
  • Filming and performance opportunity will be provided by CFTI,however CFTI do not guarantee any job placements the end of any of its programs.

Admission Requirements

Junior high school graduation; transcript with 70% grade; proof of English proficiency (IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent) if first language is not English; or proof of Chinese proficiency (HSK score of 5 or elementary a or better) if first language is not Chinese; short essay or letter demonstrating previous acting experience and a videotaped audition..