Registration for our Acting for Film & TV program is now open!



Acting for Film & TV (Full-Time) is a comprehensive program specifically designed for students who are interested in ACTING and are determined to acquire the fundamental knowledge and develop the skills necessary to build a career as a professional actor.

Fundamental and advanced program curriculum consist of the following core courses.

Fundamental level:

“Acting I”, “Body Training I”, “Character Study I”, “Film theory and Appreciation I”, “Lines Performance I”, “Physical Education I” and “Voice, Singing and Music Appreciation I”.

Advanced level:

“Acting II”, “Body Training II”, “Character Study II”, “Film theory and Appreciation II”, “Lines Performance II”, “Physical Education II” and “Voice, Singing and Music Appreciation II”.


Graduates will also be presented with opportunities to audition for professional productions in film and television.

Acting for Film & TV (Full-Time) is divided in 2 modules:

  1. FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL (1 year) – Advanced Level not mandatory.
  2. ADVANCED LEVEL** (1 year) – Only Fundamental Level graduates accepted.


  1. Completion of fundamental level: Fundamental Diploma.
  2. Completion of advanced level: Advanced Diploma.

SCHEDULE: Full-Time (20+ hrs/week)

DURATION: 41 weeks (1148 hrs)


Minimum English proficiency: TOEFL 520 and IELTS 5.5; This is used for all courses.



  • CFTI offers this course every year, starting in September. Applications will be considered every January, April, June, and September.
  • Students may choose whether they want to study for one year or for two years.
  • Students, who are 14+ and have completed 8th grade, are eligible to apply. 
  • Classes will be held either from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Filming and performance opportunity will be provided by CFTI.