HOT ST. A Co-production Movie of Hollywood and CCMG

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Co-produced Youth Movie of Hollywood and CCMG

A movie production of CCMG, starred by the top class of Hollywood theatrical troupe, feats every instructor and student of CFTI. Its shooting is about to start.


A well-known Hollywood production corporation, has hired Demi Zhang, the president of Canadian Film and Television Institution, and CFTI for the co-production and joint shooting of their new theatrical youth movie, known as HOT. ST.

During the filming, President Demi Zhang will be attending as the director of the movie herself; and Movieplus, the well-known international production corporation, who has produced multiple TOP series movies, is starring the filming. Also every student of CFTI will be participating in the filming.

HOT. ST is currently in its preparation, the shooting will be started in December 2015. Its shooting is intended to be finished by March 2016, and the post production will be taking three month afterward.


HOT.ST is a movie showing the lives of early Chinese immigrants in Canada, how the orphans from an impoverished household, the lower class of the society achieving their goals, and finally changed their lives. This is an encouragement story of Chinese immigrant children.


This movie is going to be a super visually enjoyable piece of work, also, it’s going to be a unique movie that combines story narrative, dance, and 3d special effects. All characters will be using both Chinese and English dialects in it, which also shows the very unique advantage of CFTI’s bilingual teaching structure.


CFTI offers a chance for every student attending our two years program, to be involved in shooting of movies or television series, even as the main characters. But more importantly, because of the high entering level of students, in each of the movies they participate, they get to work with the best movie personals among the world. That is how CFTI is different from other filming institutions, where lots of their graduate students are struggling breaking into the industry.


This is a theatrical movie that will be distributed and exhibited globally, though it’s an intern work of CFTI, many are expecting to watch it. Also, it is a young people film full of creativity, wish it could have a good box office rank performance.