The North American Multicultural Filmmakers’ Society is an official non-profit film organization, founded the end of 2011. The Society is offering multicultural services, distributing and promoting multicultural related films and TV shows, also investing films, which is providing a platform for filmmakers from Asia, America and the Europe to communicate and cooperate. In the future, the North American Multicultural Filmmakers’ Society will organize film and television festivals as well, and also offer “golden session” that refers to Asian with golden skin colour. The interaction between countries at the North American Multicultural Filmmakers’ Society will promote multiculturalism in Canada, and also bring the North American films to Asia.

2. Beijing Film Academy & Canadian Film and Television International Institute

Beijing Film Academy (BFA) and Canadian Film and Television International Institute (CFTI) officially signed a cooperation agreement on June. 27th 2014. Beijing Film Academy is the largest institution specializing in the tertiary education  for film and television production in Asia. For more than 40 years, graduates of BFA have won national and international acclaim for their contributions to film and television. Their notable alumni include directors, producers, screenwriters, as well as actors and actresses. BFA continues to offer educational programs overseas and has made a decision of setting up the first educational training centre in Canada. This is the most exiting and historical moment for all film educators and film enthusiasts. Beijing Film Academy and CFTI work together and promote the essence of the eastern and western cultures.