CFTI has a UNIQUE concept for a film school. Unlike other film academies in the world, we are able to offer priceless opportunities to practice filmmaking for our students. We have even founded a production company for students. This platform was designed for interactive teaching and student internships. We try to provide access for all students to the real movie making experience, as we all know that there are film school graduates who may never have a chance to shoot a movie in their lifetime. Faced with that situation, we designed corresponding courses during their internship to help them accumulate relevant knowledge through practice. It would be a great opportunity for you if you were to become one of our students. Here at CFTI, you will not only enjoy courses taught by excellent teachers, but have access to perfecting yourself through participating in actual filmmaking. Our dream is to always help students freely present themselves before the public, and to enjoy the joy brought by movies.

We belong to an international team supported by many outstanding educators and experts in the film industry from Hollywood, China and Europe. CFTI instructors all are established professionals with active careers in the film industry. Our teaching methods are deeply influenced by multiculturalism brought in by instructors who benefited from an international film and TV art education and firmly adhered to unique educational concept implemented by Canadian Film and Television Institute.

Canada Film and Television Institute creatively combines the oriental values with the Western ones. For example, Western educators in the department of film and television education mostly focus on students’ practical ability. In Western world, especially in North America, it is quite impossible for us to discover isolated acting and directing departments in their film academies. Besides courses concerning performance, students there also have to take other courses relevant to movie making or digital postproduction. They are familiar with all aspects of the movie making and shift roles among actors, directors and shooting frequently. Take teachers in our school as an example, Almost all of them once studies in at least two famous film academies in North America, Asia or Europe and owned many certificates in many fields including directing, digital post production, script writer, acting and even shooting or 3D creation. This is the biggest difference between the film and television education in China and that in Western countries.

However, the oriental style of such education is famous for its strictness and specialization. Thanks to that feature, China’s film academies successfully educated lots of excellent personnel who are proficient their own majors. After combing these two distinctive teaching methods, we finally form a unique and practical teaching style of our own and have already filed a patent in North America and other countries. Our students, thus, will receive the excellent education mix up all goods factors both in China and Western countries and strive to realize their glorious education here!