Why Choose CFTI?

CFTI is a private school focusing on training the new generation of actors/actresses and filmmakers.  Our concept is to merge Eastern and Western values and principles for the benefit of our students and to help them build successful careers within the international film and television industry.

We endeavor to provide a high standard of education through our:

  • Faculty
  • Curriculum
  • Film Practice
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Provincial educational standards
  • Continuing studies
  • Alumni
  • Film Festival


The Faculty is a combination of Eastern and Western elites, including award-winning actors and directors from all over the world. CFTI’s instructors are all established active professionals bringing a combination of great credentials, extensive experience in their respective field and peer recognition through awards and nominations. Our goal is to make our students become internationally recognized professionals. That is why CFTI provides a bilingual program (English & Chinese) for actors.


The curriculum CFTI’s instructors teach is always updated, current and relevant for the competitive and ever transforming international film and television industry. It is a combination of film theory, practical hands-on experience and specialized training, such as in voice, accents and dialect.

Film Practice

Our practical platform offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working on CFTI’s film and television projects to further develop their skills. CFTI aims to shoot a feature film every year in which our students and instructors would be involved. For 2016,  our feature film “Hot Street” is getting ready to go to camera in March.

Facilities and Equipment

CFTI’s 12.000 sqft modern and well equipped spacious facilities are continuously improved to better suit the needs of the students and instructors.

Provincial educational standards

CFTI is certified by PTIB (Private Training Institution Branch ) under Ministry of Advanced Education to ensure that provincial educational standards are rigorously met and continuously updated.


CFTI stays in touch with and follows its students’ careers after graduation and informs them on our various opportunities for their further development.

 Continuing studies

Through its professional partnerships and connections CFTI has the opportunity to organize master classes, workshops and intensive courses with internationally esteemed film and television professionals: heads of large companies, investors, directors, producers, actors, screenwriters, cinematographers etc.

Film Festival

Our Institute is always trying to develop our relationships as well as scout for new talent therefore we are organizing a yearly Film Festival where emerging filmmakers from around the world could submit their projects. During the festival we have guest speakers who are awarded filmmakers with long careers behind them, willing to share their knowledge with the new generation.  The festival is also and opportunity to scout for new talent.