To provide the quality learning and training programs to equip the students with the practical skills and vocational experiences for their career pursuit in the film industry.



  • The Canadian Film and Television Institute (CFTI) was founded in 2010 by graduates from the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, from which personalities like Mr. Zhang Yimou, the Director of 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony also graduated.
  • CFTI was Registered with BC’s Private Career Training Institutions Agency in May 2013 and is now certified by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch ) under Ministry of Advanced Education.
  • CFTI has created a unique method of teaching students, drawing inspiration from North American and Chinese cultures and educational methods. This method blends together the values and principles from those cultures to facilitate access for our graduates to the highly competitive professional film and television industry as a step to developing successful careers.
  • CFTI’s curriculum is specifically designed to students who are interested in the field of acting.
  • Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and performance in film productions and on stage, students enrolled at CFTI enjoy improving their abilities, communication skills, confidence and  finding their own voice for artistic expression.
  • CFTI plans to produce shorts, feature films and TV series every year with the help of its students and instructors. Projects CFTI is interested in are art films with a social message, excellently executed commercial films, popular TV series for middle-aged and elderly audiences, youth focused dramas and romantic films.
  • CFTI has partnerships and long term relationships with outstanding experts in the film and television industry from Hollywood, China and Europe.
  • CFTI has established its own web-based film & TV channel where audiences can watch plays, films, sketches, and global film & TV news. This online channel offers our students the opportunity to interact with audience, to easily share their work with family & friends, while also gaining international exposure.
  • CFTI plans to shoot a 27 episodes TV series (“Vancoyver Love Story”)in co-production with China.
  • CFTI is always studying the market and the international trends for the film and television industry, looking for new popular genres, emerging talent.

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