Canada International Film and Television Festival Press Release

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The 1st annual Canada International Film and Television Festival is hosted by the North America Multicultural (International Filmmakers Society, and co-hosted by the Canadian Film and Television Institute. The North America Multicultural (International) Filmmakers Society was founded in December 2011 to gather all film enthusiasts from around the world. Since establishment, we have experienced a massive growth in society members. We expect that in the next five year, we will have captured over 50,000 members. One of the main goals of this Festival is to establish an interactive platform for film enthusiasts from both Eastern and Western cultures, and to promote the advantages of the Vancouver film industry. One of the biggest advantages the government provides to the film industry is a 30% tax refund to all film and televisions productions film in Vancouver. Through this Festival, we hope to strengthen Vancouver’s position as North Hollywood.

The Canada International Film and Television Festival is finally in the stages of final preparations. We have gathered the world’s top filmmaking professionals and investors to participate in this monumental event. The festival’s jury will consist of film professionals from around the world, three of which are Oscar Academy winners from Hollywood. And most astonishing, the President of the Emmy Awards will be the President of Jury for our Festival. This festival will surely attract attention of many around the world.

The grand prize for our Festival is the Golden Leopard Film Award. This trophy is named after the leopard, the most valuable animal in the North America. We want to remind people that leopards are becoming extinct and that it is our responsibility to protect the diminishing essence culture and spirit. We deeply believe that this will be the most exciting and extraordinary film festival to date. Our festival is unique in that we have created a Five Continental (Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania) Film Award, wherein each continent will receive their own independent awards, respectively. Our main purpose for hosting this Festival is to promote multiculturalism, making Canada the best location to host the Festival, where multiculturalism is such a strong feature of the country.

The 1st annual Canada International Film and Television Festival will be from November 12 to November 15, 2014. Festival activities include:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Film screenings and exhibitions
  • Industry discussions
  • Showcases and Forums to introduce Canadian films into the World market
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Carnival Nigh (There will be over 30 large film production companies from China who are interested in making long-term investments in Canada.)


Thank you very much for your time and great support!