Canada CFTI Media Group(CCMG)

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Canada CFTI Media Group(CCMG) is a high-tech film and TV production and culture publishing media. CFTI Media Group is now holding Canada International Film and Television Festival (CIFTF) and is cooperation with Beijing Film Academy, which is the third prestigious film institute in the world.

If you want to know more about studying in Canada, immigration to Canada, tuition support and enrolment in Canadian Film and Television Institute, or any updates on cooperation between our media group and Hollywood film production companies, please follow our Wechat official account. (Please scan the barcode below):


CFTI Media Group a film and television entity company and a non-profit organization, which is officially registered with the Business Registry of Government of Canada.


CFTI Media Group

Wechat official account: CFTI加拿大


Canadian Film and Television Institute (CFTI)

Wechat official account: CFTI-Ch

Official Website:


Canada Film Academy Film Production Ltd.

Wechat official account: CIFTF


Canada International Film and Television Festival (CIFTF)

Wechat official account: NAIMFS


North America International (Multicultural) Filmmakers Society 

Wechat official account: NAIMFS

Official Website:


Beijing Film Academy Overseas Training Centre

Wechat official account: TJ19971013

Official Website:


A One OFIF Ltd. 

Executive Director Demi Zhang

Wechat official account: xiaominzhang27