A New Peak: A Woman Creats the History of China!

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Crossing a New Peak

Demi Zhang, For Changing the History of Hollywood!


In August 27th, 2015, Demi Zhang, the CEO of CCMG and the president of CFTI, signed a contract with Christopher Brough and Zondag Brothers. Zhang, Brough and Zondag will co-produce a 3D animation TV series, The Monkey King, with another Chinese state-owned production group corporation. Cristopher Brough is the world’s largest film publisher, the most successful film producer, one of Disney’s headquarters, and the leader of North Hollywood. Their cooperator Ralph Zondag is well known for achieving two Oscar Academy Awards for Best Director.

Demi Zhang is the first Chinese woman and the first Asian woman who corporates with Hollywood and be the executive producer of a whole movie. She changed the history of Hollywood that the producers of movies were all males. At the same time, this event is described as “a Miracle of Female” in some west media. Demi Zhang starts this glorious page and she will rewrite the history of the world’s film industry in the future!

The Monkey King is going to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures Films, and co-produced by MoviePlus, CCMG, CFTI and mainland China. Ralph Zondag, a worldwide famous director, will take on the directing role. He was the screen writer of Pocahontas, and the director of several classical Disney films, such as Kongfu Panda, which earned over $350 million on average, and the profit is still at the highest rank over other Hollywood films.

The executive director in North Hollywood, Christopher Brough, plays a major role in a film industry that is led by North Hollywood and Canada. Six of his Disney films has broken the record of the worldwide box office. The profit of one of his films and its related product reached the most, which earned more than $3 billion. Therefore, he was referred as the Father of North Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Christopher Brough was also the first Hollywood figure who started to explore the Chinese film industry. He has built excellent and permanent partnership with most of the top Chinese film corporations. His experiences in script writing, producing and directing films and television productions are extensive and Brough has achieved different rewards from his works. Christopher Brough found and became the CEO of three entertainment companies, which are also the largest three in the West Coast of Canada. In the late 1980’s, he was also famous for founding the BLT Production Ltd. This company is best known for the worldwide hit TV series Andromeda and the ABC mini-series A Wrinkle in Time.

In the early 1990’s, Brough co-founded Mainframe Entertainment Inc., the world’s first and largest television computer animation studio. Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is best known for movie series such as, Reboot, Transformers, Spiderman, Casper and Barbie. Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is also the production company of the best-selling DVD, which was exhibited by MCA/Universal.

In the late 1990’s, Brough organized the Sextant Entertainment Group. The Group is the producer of numerous Hallmark financed mini-series, US/Canadian Network Movies for every week, animated television series co-produced internationally and various studio/independent feature films around the world. As a winner of numerous entertainment industry awards, including six Gemini Awards (Canada), Brough was included into the Smithsonian Institute’s Cyber World Hall of Fame after been personally nominated by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, for his pioneering work in computer animation.

Christopher Brough’s Hollywood executive career began as a director of Prime Time Development at animation production giant Hanna-Barbera Studios. Afterwards, he was the Senior Vice President of Motion Pictures and Television Production at Alchemy II Productions, and later served as the Executive Producer at Burbank’s DIC Studios.

In addition to creating highly successful entertainment companies, Brough also co-founded New Media BC, which evolved into a globally recognized trade organization. He served as the NMBC’s Founding President for three consecutive terms. The NMBC represents over two hundred companies that are currently operating within British Columbia, and operates multi-billion dollars annually in the new media technology field.

Co-produced by CCMG (include the branch office CFTI, CFA, etc.) and three other corporations, the super animation TV series, The Monkey King, is expected to cost about $40 million. The worldwide expected revenue will be ¥3.9 billion.

Meanwhile, there is another earthshaking news announced today: Ms. Xiaomin Zhang (Demi.Z), the CEO of CCMG and the president of CFTI, will be hired by three famous North Hollywood corporations, as the director of the film The Godfather (Chinese Version) in 2017. Zhang will also be one of the directors in the huge action movie D-Day6.6 in 2018. Demi Zhang will rewrite the history of female’s position in Hollywood. In the past, only male director can be the leader of a team in Hollywood. However, Ms. Xiaomin Zhang, as one of the drama writer of these two films, finally got the acceptance of the Hollywood’s top managers and famous directors after passing dozens of difficult approvals at all levels.

The famous director, who achieved the Oscar Academy Awards in the past, Ralph, and the director of film The Lion King, both are touched by the persistence and hardworking of Demi.Zhang. Especially Ralph, he decided to be the consultant and planner of the film The Godfather (Chinese Version) in the future. In particular, in the film The Godfather (Chinese Version), the chief actor will be a Chinese.

It is said by Demi Zhang today that The Godfather (Chinese Version) is choosing actors and actresses now. The chief actor and actress should be experienced performers who can speak both English and Mandarin frequently. In addition, Demi will also invite Brad Pitt, the well-known Hollywood Star to join this movie. This movie will describe a massive love story between three characters. In addition, in 2018, the movie D-Day6.6 will contain certain new film elements instead of some old-fashion features. Also, all of the historical characters in this movie will be performed by the worldwide A-listers.

This is the most inspiring news in this summer and it is this news change the history of film industry. Demi Zhang is not only the youngest, but also the only female director in 1990s. Moreover, she became the first female file producer, director and superviso. Meanwhile, she is the first Asian director as well as Chinese female director that was hired by the North Hollywood.

When this news was announced in the press conference, all people in the room were shocked and all reporters and journalists stood up and clapped for this impression news.

In the conference, Demi Zhang signed the corporation and hiring contract with the representative of the North Hollywood. When reporter asked Zhang that what she wanted to say, Zhang answered “Let’s do this!”

At the end of the conference, a student of CFTI told reporters: “It spends 32 years for Teacher Zhang to speak out these three words.”

Let us expect Demi Zhang, the woman who married with film, to bring us more inspiration and dreams!

The following photos are what our photography caught in the conference:




Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures Films, look forward by all people on Earth, the 3D animation TV series–The Monkey King, and some other Hollywood films, all published their posters with the name Xiaomin Zhang, the first Asian producer, as their executive producer on them!


Demi Zhang told us, Wukong does not only belongs to China, it is also a treasury for the world!


Demi Zhang also mentioned that she is the offspring of soldiers, so she loves war films. In D-Day6.6, she adds some surprising, unpredicted and meaningful elements.



One famous lawyer and parliamentarians came here in person to witness this historic moment.




Ralph Zondag, the Oscar Academic Awards’ Best Director, took a special trip, flew from Los Angeles to attend the signing ceremony.


Xiaomin Zhang was answering the questions from the journalists


The Father of North Hollywood, Christopher Brough, picked up the contract with satisfying smile and spoke to Demi Zhang: “It has bravery and persistence on it.” Zhang answered immediately: “Intelligence is the most important for sure.” This joke makes everyone in the ceremony laugh.




The team of The Monkey King




Xiaomin Zhang makes jokes on this handshake: “It is the time to change the history”


As the principle of CFTI, Xiaomin Zhang also invited his student Jack to come to attend this historical moment. Zhang said: “I wish my students will always be proud of this school and their teacher.”


At the end of the ceremony, Xiaomin Zhang said: “My motivation is to win glory for the Chinese film industry and my home country. This is my biggest and forever motivation!” The picture below is took when Xiaomin Zhang directed her first film in China.


All the pictures above are taken by  Canada Fengcai Producing Company